Software Utilized

Haas Estimating and Consulting Services believed in investing in the most state of art programs to enhance their estimating skills.

We currently have four license of On Screen takeoff software from On Center Softwares to complete the most accurate on screen digitizing. We also a license copy of Quick Bid by On Center to complete our labor and material pricing.

If necessary we can provide a free reader from onscreen to give the client a full review of the takeoff from a digitizing point of view.

Estimating Software Recommendation

Haas Estimating and Consulting Services can make recommendations for which type of software your company should purchase to improve the estimating. On Center software is not for all companies and there are other software that if used correctly can do just as good of a job. If your company does decide to purchase on screen and let me refer you then you will get a $150 discount on your consulting services.