Lumber Takeoffs

Lumber takeoffs are the specialty of Haas Estimating and Consulting Services. Frank developed the lumber takeoff workbook back on his first multi-family project at Fairfield utilizing the same steps a Timberline program would use. The workbook is built out of over 21 spreadsheets that cover the steps in taking off the lumber such as the following:

Wall Framing
Build Up
Wall Sheathing
Fake Beams
Furr Downs
Floor Draft Stops
Attic Draft Stops
Window and Door Opening
Shear Bracing
Eave Overhangs
Roof Decking
Cornice Trim @ Balcony
Cornice Trim @ Building

Calculation Worksheet
This spreadsheet is the mixer as it is called. The takeoffs for each unit type is mixed into a unit mix.

Input worksheet
This worksheet pulls the values from each worksheet and sums them up so they can be pulled to the calculation worksheet.

Data Base
This is where the totals are shown from the number crunching that the calculation sheet does. This worksheet also can be used to show a per building takeoff for each material

Recap Sheet
This is the final listing of all the materials needed to construction the project. This shows two answer which can be used to price out the lumber